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We make it easy to cook dinner at the campground

Homestyle meal kits that work in any size kitchen.

Cooking at the campground can be frustrating.

When you're at home, you're working in a familiar kitchen, with all the appliances you're used to.

But at the campground? Smaller kitchen. Bare essential appliances. Dishes piling up in the sink -  the opposite of relaxing!

This weekend, we'll help you enjoy more of the leisure you deserve.

Fast Meal Planning - our meal kits are readily available.

Shop online or in our store!

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Less Dishes - no portioning and little prep means less utensils become dirty!


Easy Home-style Meals at the Campground - easy enough for anyone to cook!

You're ready to relax. But cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen can be a grind. Our frozen meal kits make it easier and get you back to the relaxation sooner.


- Sheri W.

What Our Customers Say

How to Shop With Us

Shop our online store or shop in our retail store - 190 River Road, Portage la Prairie.

Pay your way: we take cash, credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

If you're ordering online, wait for our pick-up ready email and come get your order!

Why Real Food?

At Real Food, we know that when you go to the campground, you want to relax. And in order to do that, you have to leave work behind. The problem is that cooking in a small, understocked kitchen is a lot more work than cooking at home, which leaves you feeling frustrated! We believe that no one should be stressing out over cooking, while everyone else is out having fun. And we understand how it feels to finally finish cooking and be faced with a pile of dishes.


That's why we offer meal kits that require no measuring, little prep, and are easy for anyone to cook. Here's how it works: before heading out to the campground, swing by our retail store and pick your meal kits right out of our display freezer, or you can order on our online store and pick your meal kits up at your leisure!


Come check out Real Food today! Stop worrying about burning yourself out in an unfamiliar kitchen and start living the care-free campground life you want.

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