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What Makes Us Different

Locally operated

We have a storefront, right here in Portage la Prairie. Come take a virtual tour.

No Expensive

Our line of inexpensive meal kits are sold through retail- no recurring charges.

Same-Day Delivery

We aim to deliver within an hour of your order. No more delivery schedules.

Our Story

Why does healthy eating seems so hard?


As our family grew over the years, Dina and I found it harder to keep up on cooking. Whether it was an after-school activity or extra hours at work, cooking always seemed to be the first habit to suffer.

We always valued the health of ourselves and our children, but we simply couldn't keep up.

And after speaking about it to friends and family, it became apparent to me that we were not alone.

Meal Prep Shouldn't Be This Hard

Dina and I decided that people need a better option to answer the question of, "What's for dinner?"

An option that doesn't rely on excessive processed foods or a subscription-based service.

We wanted a simple product that can be purchased locally, prepared easily, all at an affordable price.

That's the essence of Real Food- bringing the simplicity back to meal prep.

Our Vision

We want to create a service that helps people reach their nutrition-related goals, by making meal prep and planning easy. We are going to build tools to that help people stay organized and share growth mindset perspectives on food.


Meet The Team



Co-Owner, Floor Manager



Co-Owner, Sales Manager



Product Development



Sales Associate, Content Creator

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