Bruschetta Chicken - Serves 4
  • This delicious meal kit is sure to please the whole family.


    It comes with four chicken breasts that are first browned in a frying pan, and follows is then added to a casserole dish, along with tomatoes, mozza, and parmasean cheese. After 25 minutes in the oven, the chicken will be thoroughly cooked, and the cheese will be nicely browned. The ingredients also make a lovely juice in the casserole dish that you can serve along with the chicken!


    While the chicken is in the oven, cook the spaghetti, and mix together the tomato sauce and spices for a lovely side dish.



    Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Diced Tomatoes, Mozza Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti, Parmesan Cheese


    Spice Mix: Garlic powder, Italian, pepper, parsley, salt, oregano, basil, onion powder 

    Bruschetta Chicken - Serves 4